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1981 Chrysler Sea King Swivel Bracket


This swivel bracket comes with extra components pictured. The shallow watet bracket alone retails for $42 new and the swivel housing retails for $160. You get it all for a bargain price. Aside from some chipped paint this unit is in nice condition.
1981 Chrysler Sea King Steering Arm & King Pin


This steering arm and king pin were removed from a 1981 Chrysler Sea King. Works with 80s models 9.9 and 15 H P. It is in good condition as pictured. The steering arm alone retails for call$124 new. You get the arm and king pin for less.
1966 Wards Sea King VWB 19074A Transom Clamp


This transom bracket and clamp was removed from a 6 HP Sea King. Part number 197532-2. Clamp turns freely. There is a screw next to the 4 holes in picture needing drilled out.
1981 Chrysler Sea King Cowl Latch


This cowl latch assembly was removed from a 1981 Chrysler Sea King 15HP Outboard. It is in good condition and the decal is still ledgeable for an 81. See pictures.
Sea King 15 HP Outboard Propeller and Recoil Starter


Couple of pieces from father in laws lake shed. Had a 1952(ish) 15 HP Sea King out board. Motor is sold, then these parts were found. They are obviously used and I am not a boat person so make your own decisions. I will answer whatever questions I can but that will be limited. Can ship where ever. There are numbers on the propeller that are mostly readable 48??9337A40. Numbers on the starter 37833 ...  More
1981Chrysler Sea King Shock Mounts


This upper rubber mounts are for the pilot shaft bracket on a 1981 Sea King 15 HP Chrysler outboard. They attach to the pilot shaft bracket. Functional condition and a part that's no longet available so get it while you can.
1981 Chrysler Sea King Stern Bracket & Clamp


This stern bracket and clamp assembly was removed from a 1981 Chrysler Sea King. Will work for 9.9 and 15 H P motors manufactured in thd 80s. Aside from paint chips this is in nice condition. The clamp screws turn freely and are functional. The scew assembly alone retails for a$32 each so buy used and save. You get all pictured.
Chrysler 9.9 12.9 Sea King 15Hp Outboard Boat Motor Misc Parts Lot


Big parts lot of Used misc parts from chrysler 9.9 and wards 15hp outboards. You get all parts. They are used so they have normal wear and tear. No shipping to po box Years listed in the title are not guaranteed fitment but a representation of years this part might possibly fit. Please make sure it is what you need before ordering Please review all pictures and contact me with any questions you ha ...  More
Vintage boat SEA KING Speedometer


1981Sea King 15HP Shift Linkage Chrysler