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Montgomery Wards Sea King 3 HP Outboard Model GG18800A Lower Cowl Set


Nice shape for age. A bit greasy on the inside but will clean up with a little effort. Decals and paint above average. Free shipping. Please check my other listings for many more outboards and parts.
1950s Vintage Sea King 3 Out Board Motor


Here is a vintage Sea King 3 hp outboard motor. It looks like it has has held up nicely over the years, however, mechanical condition unknown. Would make a very nice addition to a collection or nautical theme. The Sea King brand was distributed by Montgomery Ward. Any questions, just let me know. Pick up only, thanks!
1981 Chrysler Sea King 15 HP Flywheel Wheel & Collar F302097


This is a 1981 Chrysler Sea King Flywheel removed from a used 15 HP outboard. It includes the emergency start collar. Original part with scratches and paint chips. No longer available so get it while you can.
1966 Sea King Cowl 6 HP, VWB 19074A


This cowl was removed from a used 1966 Sea King Wards outboard model VWB 19074A. Its faded and scratched. It has good hardware and is not cracked. The emblems are secure but have pulled away from two of the pre drilled holes that secure them, (captured in pictures).
1981 Chrysler Sea King 15 HP Drive Shaft Short


This is a 1981 Chrysler Sea King 15 HP Drive Shaft removed from a used outboard. It had some light surface rust on it as pictured.
1981 Chrysler Sea King 15 Cowl Bottom , Support Plate


This is a 1981 Chrysler Sea King Lower Cowl removed from a 15HP outboard. Has some scratches and missing paint pictured. Will work on 9.9 too. Includes gasket. Also called a support plate.
1966 Wards Sea King idle adjust assembly, 6HP


This isa 1966 Wards Sea King idle adjust assembly removed froma used 6 HP outboard. It was functional on the motor and is as pictured.
Power Head from 1980 Montgomery Ward 3.5 HP Sea King, K-350 Clinton Engines Gp


Power Head from a 3.5 HP Sea King Montgomery Ward Model XTV 50535, Serial Number 1616127 Type No. K350 6106A. This serial number equates to a 1980 outboard manufactured by Clinton Engines Corporation, Maquoketa, Iowa as Model K350. This is a single cylinder air cooled engine with water cooled exhaust housing. This Clinton manufactured outboard may have been marketed under other than the Montgomery ...  More
Sea King 12 35gg Outboard Motor Boat Engine Part: Gas Tank


Vintage Sea King 12hp Model 35gg9018 Outboard Motor/engine Shifter Lever