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1966 Wards Sea King Cowl Latch Assembly


This is the cowl latch assembly removed from s used 1966 Wards Sea King 6 HP outboard. It is functional and includes all pictured items. Has chipped paint.
1966 Wards Sea King Rewind Starter, 6HP, VWB 19074A


This is a used 1966 Wards Sea King rewind starter removed from a used outboard 6 HP motor model VEB 19074A.mComplete unit. Pulls and retracts. Is dirty.
1981 Chrysler Sea King 15 HP Drive Shaft


This is a 1981 Chrysler Sea King 15 HP Drive Shaft removed from a used outboard. It had some light surface rust that was wire brushed off. Pictures show current condition. Functional piece.
1966 Sea King Cowl 6 HP, VWB 19074A


This cowl was removed from a used 1966 Sea King Wards outboard model VWB 19074A. Its faded and scratched. It has good hardware and is not cracked. The emblems are secure but have pulled away from two of the pre drilled holes that secure them, (captured in pictures).
1981 Chrysler Sea King Carburetor 15 HP


Carburetor removed from 1981 Chrysler Sea King 15 HP used outboard. Very clean looking on the inside. Includes all pictured, float, needle valve, main nozzle, bowl, cam roller etc.
1966 Wards Sea King Lower Unit, VWB 19074A


This is a 1966 Wards Sea King Lower unit removed from a used 6 HP outboard model VWB 19074A. The foot oil drained was black in color, indicating it had no water in it. It shifts into forward, reverse, and neutral. The exterior has scratches and missing paint. The propeller spins in all gears.
Power Head from 1980 Montgomery Ward 3.5 HP Sea King, K-350 Clinton Engines Gp


Power Head from a 3.5 HP Sea King Montgomery Ward Model XTV 50535, Serial Number 1616127 Type No. K350 6106A. This serial number equates to a 1980 outboard manufactured by Clinton Engines Corporation, Maquoketa, Iowa as Model K350. This is a single cylinder air cooled engine with water cooled exhaust housing. This Clinton manufactured outboard may have been marketed under other than the Montgomery ...  More
1961 40 hp sea king armature look !!!!!


for sale 1961 40 hp sea king armature in used condition coils are probabbly no good the rest is fine selling as is thanks.
1961 40 hp sea king recoil look !!!!!


1981 Chrysler Sea King clutch, gear case, 15 HP