SEARS ESKA COIL SEARS by ESKA ignition coil SEARS 217.


this fits most eska,sears outboard motors with a points system under the flywheel,ted williams and many more eska built motors,just ask 3-7.5hp,sears motors model number must start with 217. this coil does not fit 2 cylinder outboards and does not replace external coils for electronic ignitions,this coil does not fit sears with model number starting with 584. OR 298.you can call 8am to 8pm CENTRAL ...  More


THESE ARE FOR 217 SEARS & ESKA MOTORS. 3 THROUGH 7.5HP ~.will work on GAMEFISHER~ TED WILLIAMS..PART 7-01612 COIL... TECUMSEH PART! REPLACES PART-30560A- Please note: these ARE for 1 cylinder outboard motors. Not a replacement for solid state ignitions. If your engine has points and condenser ~This is the right coil for your fine engine. Also does not work for Sears models with starting number ...  More